Schofield Massage Therapy
LMT est. 2011

About Me

I would like to take the time to introduce myself. My name is Capri Schofield and I am the founder and owner of Schofield Massage Therapy. 

I graduated in 2011 from Spa Tech Institute School of Massage in Ipswich, MA, and have been practicing since. I started at a full service salon and spa which was a good fit for my life at the time, but decided to branch off on my own 7 years ago so that I could have a more flexible schedule for myself and my clientele. I also wanted to be able to have the time needed for each and every person. The time to understand what your focus areas are before hand so I can plan out your session and the time to check in a day or two later to see how you’re feeling. This has always been so important to me. 

My specialty for many years has been Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage, Trigger Point, increasing range of motion which led me to Cupping Therapy. I wanted to be able to expand my services and offer another modality for my clientele. So in 2017 I received my certification in Cupping Therapy in both the full body and again for a second certification in gentle IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) and effective manual work for the jaw, neck, and sinus release. Adding this work to my practice has been a hidden gem! It does wonders for your lymphatic system, promoting a more efficient drainage for the lymph nodes while aiding in the elimination of fats and toxins. It is also a very effective and gentle way to give a deep tissue massage without some of the discomfort that can be associated with a deep tissue massage. 

Combining the two together is one of my most powerful approaches because I am able to release knots and tension with manual direct pressure while adding in the cups helps to create a negative pressure as it lifts the muscle fibers.

The added relief my clients have been feeling from this work since day 1 is very apparent by their request for cups in every session. My approach  is unique, so if you’ve tried it before and were not super impressed I urge you to try a session with me. And a fun fact~ 5 mins of Cupping Therapy is equivalent to 30 mins of deep tissue massage!! 

So whether your goal is to simply relax, unplug and feel renewed and/or you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, looking to increase circulation and range of motion, prevent injury if you are an athlete or have just started back to a new workout regiment and want to keep your body performing at it’s best; I’m your girl. I will tailor your session to your needs in a relaxing and professional atmosphere. 

Now more than ever we are all recognizing the power and many benefits of body work and massage therapy. Acknowledging the damage that stress does both to our mental and emotional state and how it can begin to flow over into our physical well being is something even I have experienced in the past couple of years.. The power of touch, being able to quiet the mind, reconnect with ourselves, recharge our muscular system , and prioritize ourselves is of the utmost importance. And trusting that when we give ourselves the self care we so need we will restore our mind, bodies, and souls. 

I am so very grateful to be doing this work. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.