Schofield Massage Therapy
LMT est. 2011


“Capri is very knowledgeable and keeps current with the latest techniques.  She is very thoughtful with her clients needs and truly cares about their wellness.  I have been going to her monthly and the deep tissue massages have been truly a blessing.  I always feel less stress and more mobility.  She’s amazing!” ~ Jennie Little Duckling 4/27/2023


"Capri is amazing!” ~ Garrett Collins 4/26/2023


“Capri is the only massage therapist I have found in the last 7 years that is truly capable of a deep tissue massage. Aside from being an absolute joyful and pleasant person, she is an exceptional massage therapist. I have been going to Capri exclusively for a little over a year now and I can confidently say that she is the best in the area! Capri's care is 11/10! If you are searching for someone who knows and can relieve pain, is knowledgeable, and is truly capable of deep pressure, Capri is your person! ~ Justine Holt 2/9/2023


"Simply fabulous! Great work!" ~ Charles Pollano 1/26/2023


"Over the years, I've only been able to find a few massage therapists who can provide an effective deep tissue massage. I'm so grateful a friend referred me to Capri! After only a couple of visits, I can confidently say that I have not found anyone better at deep tissue massage than Capri. I also appreciate that she is easy to work with and very professional and personable. I have now booked an entire year of appointments and I would gladly recommend her to anyone in need of massage therapy." ~ Cathy Evans 1/24/2023


"I started using Capri when my previous massage therapist moved, I'm so glad I did! She's knowledgeable , intuitive, and well versed in good massage. I am a repeat customer, seeing her every 2-3 weeks as part of my wellness routine! Capri is easy to schedule, parking is a breeze and communication is always prompt. ~ Sarah Dugan 12/30/2023


"Capri is the best massage therapist I have ever had. She has a completely custom approach and ensures every massage is focused on the biggest problem areas I'm experiencing.The deep tissue and tension release techniques she uses work wonders. I highly recommend her to everyone! ~ Sara Scotch 5/14/2022


"I can't say enough about Capri and Schofield Massage Therapy. She is extremely professional, knowledgable, and talented. As someone who is very active, and no stranger to injuries, I truly appreciate Capri's ability to listen, focus on the problem areas, and be sensitive to injuries. I recommend her to everyone, and I will not go anywhere else."  ~ James Cook 9/12/22 


"Capri is fantastic! She is able to resolve my significant knots and provides cupping helping to relieve the discomfort. Always follows up the next day to make sure I'm feeling well. Highly recommend!" ~ Lori Callahan 8/22/22


"My husband had been squatting heavy weight overcompensated his upper back muscles getting the bar back on the rack, pulling his upper back muscle. After one massage he did standing military presses the next day, even going up 5 lbs. in weight, although I wish he did not lift as heavy, he was pain free. Capri is amazing! He drove from Loudon, NH, and will be back again soon!!' - Treesha Maniotis 6/28/2022


"Capri is the best massage therapist I have ever had. She has a completely custom approach and ensures every massage is focused on the biggest problem areas I'm experiencing. The deep tissue work and tension release techniques she uses work wonders. I highly recommend her to everyone! - Sara Scotch 5/14/2022 


“Capri is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She's great at what she does and she listens! You could walk in a mess and leave like you just had a week vacation. I can promise, you go once and you'll be hooked! Recharge your batteries with Capri. I'm telling you, you won't regret it!"  - Danielle Petroni 1/24/2022


"After going to my second visit to Capri I can say without any doubt that i will never go to another massage therapist again. Though relaxing, every other massage I have gotten in the past has never given me relief from the pain. After telling Capri about my pain in my shoulder, upper back, and neck area she made sure to make that the focus of my 1.5 hr massage. I now have almost 100% mobility. in a shoulder that always had pain associated with even the slightest movements. With Capri's extensive knowledge in kinesiology and a few follow up appointments, I am hopeful that I will be back to participating in activities that I thought I never would be able to do again. Thank you Capri!"  - Joseph Rosanio 11/24/2021


"Today I had my second cupping session and I feel fabulous! This session was even better than the first and I didn't think that was possible. Capri has made a tremendous impact on my health and well-being, she's truly amazing at what she does and how much she helps. I will probably see her every month from now on."  - Michelle Lane 10/19/2021

"My name is Michelle Lane and Capri has been a life saver. I had the best cupping experience I've ever had and I feel incredible. I've always carried all my stress in my neck and shoulders, and I never really had much relief from the pain. One cupping therapy session and a couple of days later all the stress and pain is gone.I've already booked my next 3 sessions and I can't wait."  - Michelle Lane 9/20/2021


"I want to take a minute to publicly thank Capri at Schofield Massage Therapy she is the absolute BEST on my first visit she sat and listened to what my problems were and with her knowledge was immediately locate what the problem area and fix the problem the entire time explaining everything so I could understand exactly what and why she was doing it I feel like a new man I will definitely go back and I recommend her to anyone you will not be disappointed"  - J Haidaczuk 6/19/2021


"I have been dealing with muscle aches in my back for a couple months. I just recently got a two hour massage with cupping from Capri and it was absolutely amazing! My back feels amazing! She is very professional and knows her job well. She communicated with me through the entire massage to make sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend her services and will be going back soon!" - Nonny Weymouth 3/23/2021

"Excellent massage, the best of the best and I have seen almost 20 different massage therapists she by far takes the pride in what she does. Her deep tissue massage is the best I have ever had, and having multiple surgeries from being an athlete and to go to her after to help with my recovery is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Thanks Capri" - Jimmy Cuyler 3/22/2021

"We are very pleased with the cupping and deep tissue massages Capri offers. She is truly a professional and caring therapist who always listens to our issues and creates a session to relieve our ailments. The environment she has created provides enhanced relaxation for a superb experience. We think so much of her services, that we have recommended her to our family." - Katie and Roger Pilat  3/19/2021


“This was the best massage I have ever had!!!! I had many massages in my life! Capri is awesome! I'm spoiled right now. I won"t be able to get a massage any place else now. She knows her anatomy and works on troublesome areas to get a release of tension. Definitely a thumbs up." - Charlotte Greene 3/1/2021

“So thankful to find Capri! I have been suffering from upper back and neck pain for well over a year. Finally decided to consider massage & cup therapy after learning how important it is for muscle and tension relief. I found Capri unexpectedly by searching the web. After four visits, 95% of my pain subsided. She has extensive knowledge of the body And knows exactly how to manipulate your muscle pains with deep tissue and cup massage. I'm fascinated by her knowledge and thankful to have met her. I wholeheartedly recommend Capri to anyone who is looking for a massage In overall health and wellness. Don't wait!"  - Nicole Licare 10/12/2020


"Capri is by far the best massage therapist I've ever seen! I have a bad back & a very physical job so massage therapy is very important to my overall well-being. Capri manages to break down all of my tough, stiff, & knotted muscles using various techniques. Every time I leave I feel great! Try her cupping it's amazing! If you want a great massage book an appointment at Schofield Massage Therapy!"  - Marc Croteau  9/19/2020


"Capri is like a hidden gem that I almost don't want to tell people about so I can keep her to myself! Just had a massage and I feel great. All I can say is that she had so many techniques that I've never experienced before to address my very tight shoulders and neck. Between that, her professionalism, knowledge (I ask lots of questions), and ability to really tune into my body and what I needed...I can't recommend her enough!" - Heidi Hawkins 2/6/20


"Where do I start with Schofield Massage!?!? Capri is hands down THE best massage therapist I have had the pleasure of seeing. Her attention to detail is insane. Her hands are legit magic. I've been seeing her since 2011.... She just knows how to tackle all your trouble spots. Do yourself a favor and schedule a massage with her and you will be hooked." - Veronica Soto 1/30/20

"Absolutely amazing! I've been seeing Capri for about 10 years and its always exactly what I need.  Capri takes the time to listen to my needs and wants and also tries things that she believes will benefit my health (and happiness).  She is very professional, friendly and super warm, as well as well trained and educated in massage therapy. 
Ps.  Started doing 60 minutes sessions and now up to 2 hour session just because it's that good!" - Gisselle Perez 1/29/20


“I've been a client of Capri's for a decade now. I'm an extremely active person. I work out as often as possible and also work in construction. I found out very quickly as I began to get older that massage therapy would be essential to my being able to continue my lifestyle without breaking down. I have been to all kinds of massage therapists but none have incorporated as many different techniques. Capri incorporates cupping while using traditional massage therapy techniques allowing her to work multiple areas at once. Capri is the consummate  professional and after knowing her for so long I can't say I've met a kinder soul. Do yourself a favor and don't wait any longer. Start taking better care of yourself and make Capri a staple in your wellness routine."  -Evan McCracken 1/29/20


"Capri is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Her studio was warm and comfortable. She frequently checks in during massage, and even the day after. My overall experience was excellent. I highly recommend and I would go back. Looking forward to my next visit." - Claudia Gallagher 1/27/20

"Amazing! Great quality massage, Capri listened to all of my concerns and focused on all of the areas I had mentioned to her. She checks in on you after your appointments and is just the nicest person who does the best work! Recommend to anyone." - Renee Gonzalez  1/27/20


"I have been going to Schofield Massage Therapy since 2017. Capri is great, she does deep tissue massage as well as cupping.  I definitely recommend her for both services.   After treatment I feel a thousand times better.  The best around." - Jonathan Tiplady 1/27/20


"I highly recommend going to see Capri if you are in need of a massage. She creates a very welcoming and relaxed environment. Not only does she give great massages but she also offers cupping and scraping." - Joshua Gallagher 1/27/20


"Capri was fantastic. She helped me out instantly and helped me with my tight neck and back. She also had great pressure and adjusted as necessary." - Christopher Urena 11/18/19

"Capri is the best! She always makes you feel comfortable and always tries to focus on the area that is sore or needs work on. She is my favorite massage therapist and I always have a good experience! Every time I've gotten a massage my muscles feel better by the next day. She also gets to know her clients and checks in with them the following day to see how they're feeling. I would recommend Schofield Massage Therapy to everyone!" -Erin Budzyna 2/20/2018


"I had a great massage experience with Capri! My muscles were severely tight and she stretched me out feeling better almost instantaneously! Would totally recommend!" - Rob Turner 12/5/2018


"Capri is amazing! She got to every painful/tight area and knocked it right out. She's professional with a great positive personality. Highly recommend!" -Ivan Soto  11/20/2017


"Capri is phenomenal! I am always beyond happy with the service I receive. She really makes the effort to get to know her clients and what areas are aching on them. Capri's focus is on you the whole time she is . She recently did cupping therapy on me, and my sore muscles have never felt instant relief! The whole experience with Capri is worth every cent and I will never go to anyone else again!" - Stephanie Rosario 9/12/2017


"I am so blessed to know Capri!!! I have had massages before , but nothing compares close to her !! She will find every knot you have in your body ! She is extremely thorough!! On top of that she is super sweet and so easy to talk to !! I am so grateful for her and  her amazing abilities ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!! Call soon and make your appointment !!" - Karyne Maryne 7/1/2017


"I have known Capri Schofield for about 6 years. She has given me the most amazing massages. The way she just knows what to massage when you explain to her the pains you are having is amazing! I have had a lot of massage in my life but Capri is like no other. I had never had my hands massaged ever. Maybe a quick rub of the hands but come to find out I had knots in my hands. She worked those knots out and it relieved so much pressure in my arms it was weird to me that massaging your hands could do that. Capri is a true professional and you can't go wrong having her give you a massage! Truly amazing!"  - Jennifer Bradish 3/11/17


"I went to Capri with specific complaints of tightness and pain in my back and shoulders. She knew what I needed to feel relief. In this case it was a deep tissue massage. Not only was she attentive to my needs but she was so welcoming which made me feel comfortable right away.   I was impressed with her knowledge and also impressed with her technique. She was able to help me get the relief I needed.   I look forward to my next massage!! Thank you Capri!"   - Christina Bajgrowicz  3/11/17

"My husband and I have been getting massages from Capri for years. After we had a child it was harder for us to make the time. Because we both workout daily, getting massages is a priority to feel good in the gym. Now Capri comes to our home, sets everything up, and takes each of us for 90 amazing minutes! It's the best Sunday of the month! Regardless of whatever aches or pains either of us have, or if we just need to relax, Capri knows the exact type of massage or amount of pressure we need each time. If your looking for a true professional who really knows her stuff, I strongly recommend Capri. You won't regret it!"   - Jena Gringas 3/10/17


"I remember way back when, that even though you were still training, you gave me one of the best massages I've ever had!! And I've had a lot. Very attentive and therapeutic. Congrats on the new biz, Capri!" - Kara Doucette 3/09/17